Public Transportation Becomes My New Best Friend

Wednesday, June 29 Independence I sleep 12 hours and it’s not enough. I drag myself to Mt. Williamson Motel’s lovely breakfast at 8am. Owner Jim fixes a scrumptious yet simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, AYCE english muffins, homemade jam and coffee. I haven’t had coffee in weeks and it’s not long before I’m jittery … More Public Transportation Becomes My New Best Friend

Grateful For Dawn

Start: Kearsarge Trail Stop: Independence 6 miles 700 ft. up, 2500 ft. down As the first light brightens the sky, I breath a sigh of relief. No humans or bears were harmed in last nights series of events. I get up around 5am and take a gigantic post-adrenaline dump before crawling back to into my … More Grateful For Dawn

Bighorn Plateau

Start: Rock Creek, PCT mile 760 Stop: Tyndall Creek, PCT mile 775 14.25 miles 3679 ft. up, 2232 ft. down It’s a slow climb out of Rock Creek canyon. I huff and puff, trying to dislodge the altitude brick that rests squarely on my chest. I’m grateful no one is around to see how often … More Bighorn Plateau